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You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will handle over 90% of the setup work for you along with being accessible to you for ongoing support and assistance.  Your Account Manager will also discuss the specifics of your business with you and make recommendations that ensure you get the full benefit of using My Biz Reviews! 

In addition to your Account Manager, My Biz Reviews offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat support 7 days a week from 8 am until midnight (Eastern), and phone support Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm (Eastern).  100% of our agents are U.S. based!  We look forward to serving you!

*PRICE IS PER MONTH, PER LOCATION.  Businesses with multiple locations should contact us for volume pricing.



  • centralized platform dashboard w/ built-in C.R.M.
  • access easy to follow training/walkthrough videos
  • easily add new staff/users & assign their level of access
  • monitor your reviews on over 40 sites
  • login, claim, & manage your listings on those 40+ sites
  • create & send automatic email & text alerts for new reviews
  • respond easily to all reviews from all sources
  • analyze feedback trends & customer sentiments
  • communicate & follow up w/ reviewers via built-in C.R.M.
  • create automated responses to feedback based rating
  • invite ALL staff to the “5-Star Reputation Culture” training module
  • incl. 5 Videos + Quiz w/ each user’s quiz results emailed to you
  • MORE
  • *PRICE IS PER MONTH, PER LOCATION. Contact us for volume discounts
  • add contacts to C.R.M. 6 different ways incl. via .csv file
  • simple 3 field opt-in form for staff to put customers into automated feedback request campaign
  • create a sign-in/out tablet app w/ customizable survey form
  • customizable feedback request pages w/ URL
  • initiate automated email & text msg. feedback request campaigns
  • access templates for printing written feedback request materials
  • generate feedback request links to add to websites & send in emails
  • landing page w/ spokesperson video + feedback form to deter negative reviewers from posting live
  • landing page w/ spokesperson video + easy process for positive reviewers to post live reviews
  • automated thank you or we’re sorry email feedback response campaigns
  • complete C.R.M. record of every communication incl. consumer response
  • send custom surveys and/or promotional email offers based on the rating given
  • easily create landing pages for promo offers
  • track & analyze all response to promo offers or survey emails
  • MORE
  • *PRICE IS PER MONTH, PER LOCATION. Contact us for volume discounts
  • easily connect social media accounts
  • new 5-Star reviews automatically get published as social posts
  • schedule all reviews to post on social media individually or on a perpetual rotating basis at predetermined intervals
  • customize the look, colors, & fonts of automated social media posts to match your brand
  • created unlimited customizable widgets in dozens of variations that take only your 5-Star reviews & publish them as either a pop-up for your website(s) or as content embedded on your website’s pages, sidebars, & footers
  • easily install widgets ourself w/ one simple line of code, have your webmaster do it, or ask your Account Manager to assist
  • attach tracking pixels to the widgets & create custom retargeting audiences
  • MORE
  • *PRICE IS PER MONTH, PER LOCATION. Contact us for volume discounts



Each month we produce, publish, s.e.o. tag, syndicate, & distribute a custom video featuring an actor/spokesperson that highlights your choice of a recent online review or an actual video of your customer giving you a testimonial. 

Also, we can insert any background picture you provide (the same one each month, a different one each month, or a rotation between a few different background pictures).

You also get full usage rights for other purposes.

  • does NOT include My Biz Reviews platform access. 
  • we create, produce, & syndicate a professional 60 second +/- video
  • you get a copy that you can use however you like (websites, marketing campaigns, etc.)
  • includes S.E.O. tagging, publishing on your social media pages, & YouTube
  • includes professional, classy, attractive spokesperson + background music
  • includes custom intro with overlay + custom outro with “Call To Action”
  • choose an “over the shoulder” view of a recent online review including reviewer’s name and review source displayed on a tablet while the spokesperson narrates
  • or, the same view of a written testimonial but with your customer’s recorded voice reading out their own testimonial with our spokesperson before and after
  • or, the same view of a written testimonial that you have received but with our spokesperson narrating that “offline” or non-traditional source testimonial
  • or, film a video of your customer giving their testimonial and send it to us.  Our spokesperson will introduce your customer and then take over and finish the outro afterward.
  • *PRICE IS PER MONTH, PER LOCATION. Contact us for volume discounts 



Includes EVERYTHING described in “CORE PLATFORM” plus EVERYTHING described in “ONE MONTHLY 5-STAR REPUTATION VIDEO” above plus the ability to add your videos to the website marketing widgets, both on pop-ups and on embedded content.

  • *PRICE IS PER MONTH, PER LOCATION. Contact us for volume discounts

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Let us prepare a comprehensive, custom Reputation Report Card for YOUR business showing :  

-how YOUR reputation appears to online searchers
-your overall online Reputation Score
-notes on how to improve your Reputation Score
-missing or incorrect data on listing & review sites

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