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One of our professional advisors will come out to your home or business for a brief 20 minute initial evaluation. Once we determine that you and your property will benefit from Solar our engineers will design a custom proposal that will show exactly where solar would be installed on your property and exactly how much money you will save when you stop renting your power!

Then we will schedule a time to deliver your custom engineered analysis & show you how to harness the sun’s energy with zero $$$ out of pocket and start saving money day one!

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NOW Is The BEST Time EVER To Upgrade To SOLAR Power!

Claim FREE Solar Savings Analysis

Use Other People's Money

Right now, 51% of the cost of your new solar system could potentially be covered by state & federal tax credits PLUS many power companies are offering DIRECT rebates of up to $7,200* (*expires SOON) on top of those tax credits!

Beat Inflation, Save $$$

The cost per kW to RENT your power from the utility company is ever-increasing.  Once you have a Solar System, the cost per kW is locked.  PLUS, with our 25 Year Production, Labor, & Performance Guarantee, you can be assured of savings!

Build Equity In Your Home

A buyer looking at 2 similar homes will pay more for a Solar Home because they can save more than the difference on the mortgage due to lower power bills.  Upgrading to Solar will improve your resale value!

Do Your Part For Our Earth

Right now, most electricity in the U.S. is produced using coal, fossil fuels, and other non-renewable processes that harm the environment.  Going Solar is a CLEAN, RENEWABLE way to have power without harming our planet!

Premium Panasonic HIT® Solar Panels + Panasonic 25 Year "Triple Guard Warranty"!

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The BEST Solar Company... In Myrtle Beach!!!

Sustainable Energy Solutions Myrtle Beach is family-owned & operated by Rick and Kari Himel, both U.S. Air Force Veterans!  We WORK HERE in the Myrtle Beach area and we LIVE HERE in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We feature:

-Design Engineers to validate your project
-Transaction Specialists to coordinate paperwork & permits
-W-2 Installers- NOT Subcontractors
-25 Year Production, Labor, & Performance Guarantee
-Commitment to 100% Satisfaction
-Company Uniforms and I.D. Badges
-Company Wrapped Vehicles
-Education & Safety are Priority #1 for our Team!


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